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Detecting in Sweden with Visby87

Nice old coin found¡¡¡ Good video from Sweden


My Metal Detecting Finds (26/02/2014)

Good evening from Spain…

Today I am going to join two days in one because they were not too good. Yesterday I went to Bañugues’s Beach and found the majority of the coins that you can see in the photo that I you put at the end of the post.

bañugues beachThis beach, which belongs to the Cape Peñas Protected Landscape Area, is very fashionable. It is located at the end of an eroded inlet, where the sand contrasts with long rocks

The beach was very dirty and was of black sand very similar to the coal, there was no good sign.

The photo that I put is not of today, it is of the summer. The accesses and the parking are very damaged


And today I have gone to another beach, a beach that belongs of most visited of Avilés, but also he is in a bad condition.

It is Aguilar Beach and is placed in Muros del Nalón.

playa el aguilar

In this beach of the central-west, more and more popular, and is noticeable, especially on weekends and holidays, the presence of a considerable number of visitors to the center of the region. Endowed with good tourist infrastructure, the sand is outstanding Aguilar Muros Nalon, a small part of it belongs to council Cudillero. The industry this is known as beach Campofrío. The medieval archaeological site of El Castiellu lies between the beach and the Xilo, separating them.


In this beach I found the rest of things, two bullets and tools of fishing. In following photos you can see all the Finds … I hope that  next time has more luck 😉

Happy Hunting Everyone¡¡¡¡




Metal Detecting in Sweden

«Digging a hole» share with us this video. ..  Silverspills, rings and goldish fake coins

Thank you so much¡¡¡

Reasons not to clean a coin

Now that «I» am «practising» the electrolysis with rings silvers that I have found … I believe that it is the moment to remember the following thing:

  1.  Generally the currency loses value » if we realize » that has been cleaned when one noticed artificial gloss.
  2.  Sometimes for trying to clean a currency with an acid product he is damaged, spoiling the currency on having removed metal caps, and is because of it that is preferable not to try to clean it.
  3.  A patina is not bad, but in addition it is a natural protection for the currency. A good patina must not be eliminated. If it removes itself, the brilliant surface newly exposed will oxidize again, causing a slight loss of the metal of the currency and we will enter a vicious circle.
  4.  Also it is common that it gets scratched (hairlines) on having rubbed her with a rag so much on having cleaned like on having dried the currency.
  5.  Coins clean quality Proof since his fields are very polished and it is never very easy to leave small scratches (hairlines).
  6.  There does not exist product that original lustre of mint returns to our coins.


Razones para NO limpiar una moneda

Ahora que estoy «practicando» la electrólisis con anillos de plata que he encontrado… creo que es el momento de recordar lo siguiente:

  1. Generalmente la moneda pierde valor «si nos damos cuenta» que ha sido limpiada al notar una lustre artificial.
  2. A veces por tratar de limpiar una moneda con un producto ácido se le causa un daño irreparable, desgastando la moneda al remover capas de metal, y es por eso que es preferible no intentar limpiarla.
  3. Una pátina no es mala, sino que además es una protección natural para la moneda. Una buena pátina no debe ser eliminada. Si se quita, la superficie brillante recién expuesta se oxidará otra vez, causando una pérdida leve del metal de la moneda y entraremos en un círculo vicioso.
  4. También es común que se raye (hairlines) al frotarla con un trapo tanto al limpiar como al secar la moneda.
  5. Nunca limpiar monedas calidad Proof ya que sus campos están muy pulidos y es muy fácil dejar pequeños arañazos (hairlines).
  6. No existe producto que devuelva la lustre original de ceca a nuestras monedas.

My Metal Detecting Finds (19/02/2014)

playa rodiles

Yes … today¡¡ On February 19 I have found my second ring of gold 😀     18 kilates (better than the previous one).

Today I returned to Rodiles’s beach to continue looking in the west of the beach, the same zone that yesterday had found many coins…

IMG_0137I have found approximately 30 coins, few coins of Euro (they they all add 1 Euro) and enough coins of Peseta. In the photo you can see all of them.

Tomorrow I will try to prove the electrolysis to clean the coins and to clean several rings of silver. I believe that the electrolysis is one of the best options to clean objects … tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I tell you how I have done it.

In this one link you can see all the methods that I have put in in blog


Also you all can see the fisherman’s tools that I have found. The sound is very good, sounds to coin 😀

But the best of the day was to have found 3 rings, one of gold and two of silver. Also I found a part of an earring or hanger but it seems to be false.

I say goodbye of you with the photo of the rings. It has been a perfect day. HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE¡¡¡


Metal Detecting. NICE FINDS

Buen vídeo y maravilloso anillo de plata.

Happy Hunting everyone¡¡

Cache of coins. Metal Detecting.

Buen video…lo demuestra las casi 700.000 visitas que tiene en youtube.

Happy Hunting everyone