Reasons not to clean a coin

Now that “I” am “practising” the electrolysis with rings silvers that I have found … I believe that it is the moment to remember the following thing:

  1.  Generally the currency loses value ” if we realize ” that has been cleaned when one noticed artificial gloss.
  2.  Sometimes for trying to clean a currency with an acid product he is damaged, spoiling the currency on having removed metal caps, and is because of it that is preferable not to try to clean it.
  3.  A patina is not bad, but in addition it is a natural protection for the currency. A good patina must not be eliminated. If it removes itself, the brilliant surface newly exposed will oxidize again, causing a slight loss of the metal of the currency and we will enter a vicious circle.
  4.  Also it is common that it gets scratched (hairlines) on having rubbed her with a rag so much on having cleaned like on having dried the currency.
  5.  Coins clean quality Proof since his fields are very polished and it is never very easy to leave small scratches (hairlines).
  6.  There does not exist product that original lustre of mint returns to our coins.


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