My Metal Detecting Finds (26/02/2014)

Good evening from Spain…

Today I am going to join two days in one because they were not too good. Yesterday I went to Bañugues’s Beach and found the majority of the coins that you can see in the photo that I you put at the end of the post.

bañugues beachThis beach, which belongs to the Cape Peñas Protected Landscape Area, is very fashionable. It is located at the end of an eroded inlet, where the sand contrasts with long rocks

The beach was very dirty and was of black sand very similar to the coal, there was no good sign.

The photo that I put is not of today, it is of the summer. The accesses and the parking are very damaged


And today I have gone to another beach, a beach that belongs of most visited of Avilés, but also he is in a bad condition.

It is Aguilar Beach and is placed in Muros del Nalón.

playa el aguilar

In this beach of the central-west, more and more popular, and is noticeable, especially on weekends and holidays, the presence of a considerable number of visitors to the center of the region. Endowed with good tourist infrastructure, the sand is outstanding Aguilar Muros Nalon, a small part of it belongs to council Cudillero. The industry this is known as beach Campofrío. The medieval archaeological site of El Castiellu lies between the beach and the Xilo, separating them.


In this beach I found the rest of things, two bullets and tools of fishing. In following photos you can see all the Finds … I hope that  next time has more luck 😉

Happy Hunting Everyone¡¡¡¡




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