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My Metal Detecting Finds (27/02/2014 – 28/02/2014)

Hello Hunters¡¡

I wanted to find another beach that might be similar in results to Rodiles’s Beach because this one already was recovering the lost sand and I was finding less things… And I tried in a beach placed to 40 minutes from my house: LA ISLA BEACH

PLAYA LA ISLAThe beach of La Isla (The Island) takes its name from an islet to the West of the beach to which it is joined at low tide via an isthmus – the islet is called El Peñón and it’s so big you cannot miss it. The eastern part of the beach is known as El Barrigón (the fat belly) and is sometimes considered a beach in itself, separate from La Isla. It’s a huge sandy beach, with lots of amenities and partially surrounded by a wooden promenade. It has showers, toilets, parking, lots of bars and restaurants nearby, lifeguard during high season and hostels. It’s an accessible beach for people with limited mobility and a good fishing and surfing spot.

And the beach that I chose was very good. I found few current coins (always it is good to drink coffees :))

general todos


But it was a perfect beach to find coins of peseta and also I found a coin  5 Cent of Alfonso XII and two interesting enough coins of 1944.monedas a destacar

The rest of coins more or less are normal enough.

The curious thing was the quantity of found coins… More than 100 coins at approximately 8 hours of search


As for jewels I found a ring of silver and a golden hanger, really in good condition both. You can see in the next photo

anillo y chapa

As I was saying to you two perfect days though it was raining very much also the coins were raining

Happy Hunting¡¡¡




Detecting in Asturias (Spain).

I have the pleasure of announcing a Spanish Hunter from Asturias, good person and he shares with  videos of his searches with Garrett AT PRO

Muchísimas gracias  DETECCIÓN METÁLICA

Temporal en Playa San Lorenzo

Y ahora os dejo un video del temporal… yo nunca había visto así la playa de mi ciudad. Coincidió  una pleamar de más de cuatro metros con unas olas de más de 8 metros. ESPECTACULAR

Temporal en el norte de España

Después del temporal, bajada de arena, BUEN MOMENTO para utilizar el GARRETT ATPRO

Eso sí, una pena los destrozos en el paseo y ánimo para todos las personas afectadas por el temporal que ha sacudido y sacudirá a lo largo de esta semana.