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Metal Detecting with NuggetNoggin

In my opinion … one of the best hunters that share videos online.

Happy Hunting¡¡¡

Detecting in UK with Garrett ACE 250

Cool and long video¡¡¡ More than 20 minutes to see the Garrett in action¡¡


Minelab Excalibur VS Garrett AT PRO

Another video of some metal detecting in Sweden…2 different beaches and 2 different detectors and 2 different diggingtools.

H.H and G.L¡¡¡

Detecting in Australia

Metal Detecting Bridgetown…. Nice area and plenty of history¡¡

Happy Hunting Guys¡¡¡


Detecting in Belgium

Very Nice Video¡¡¡

AT Pro International and AT Gold used to recover early hammered coins, Roman bronze coins and other finds in plowed fields of Belgium.

Detector de Metais. In Brazil with Garrett

Happy Weekend and Happy Hunting¡¡¡¡¡


Mi entrada número 100… y para ello comparto uno de los mejores vídeos de la red¡¡¡ un vídeo muy muy entretenido

Un saludo¡¡¡


Metal Detecting in a Local Playground

Using Garrett ACE 350…. This type of parks are good to hunt FINDS


Metal Detecting in United Kingdom, Donna Nook

Metal detecting Skeg and a walk on a bombing range…. Espero que disfrutéis¡¡

Un saludo a todos¡¡

Garrett ATX funcionando en la playa y en el bosque

Un detector TOP en acción¡¡

Happy Hunting everyone¡¡¡