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My Metal Detecting Finds (17/03/2014)

Today I have gone to a new beach, a beach where I have never been going to hunt, Arenal del Morís Beach

An extended, sandy beach like all the beaches in Caravia, Arenal de Morís is also a beach where surf championships are held every year.  Its shape is a little peculiar, almost as if it’s actually 2 beaches divided by a small peninsula surrounded by rocks. Stairs and an accessible entry point were built on its Western side only but you can reach the Eastern side easily from there. You can reach Arenal de Morís by car (there’s an European highway and the National N-632 road passing nearby) but the most interesting way (my suggestion) is to follow the coastal path GR-204. arenal del moris

Really long beach (770 meters wide) of sand and very few rocks with all the amenities you need: showers, toilets, lifeguard, 2 parkings (a big one a bit further away and a small one close to the beach), a beach bar, a picnic area and a children playground. It’s accessible and a good fishing and surfing spot. It also has a camping nearby




And it has not been a good day, I don´t believe that it is because the beach is not good…. I believe the chosen moment is not the good one. In almost all the beaches of Asturias there have been storms but in the last ten days it has had good weather and sand has been accumulated in the beaches.

Of all forms the day was very good and the experience has been positive, good climate and a perfect environment to hunt. I have found a big screw, an object without identifying, a ring of silver and ten coins. You can see my finds in the next photo¡¡

Happy hunting¡¡¡¡¡ The next time I hope that it is a bit better 😉


Hunter and Artist

Always with humor 🙂


…and yesterday afternoon the storm came strong :O

Giant waves sweep the beach of Gijon… ESPECTACULAR

My Metal Detecting Finds (03/03/2014)


Before the arrival of the storm I wanted to return to the beach The Isla. Today a strong storm comes to the north of Spain with waves of 10 meters and strong squalls of wind.

Today I came to the beach at 9 a.m. and was detecting up to 12 of the morning, approximately three hours. And it was a very well taken advantage of search because I found more than 50 coins in 3 hours.

Approximately 4 Euros and the rest of coins of peseta (500 pesetas, 100 pesetas, 50 pesetas, 25 pesetas … many pesetas). Also I found a ring silver, it is old enough.

You can see in the photo everything that I found. Tomorrow if the weather allows it to me I will return to hunt, but still I do not have decided where.

Happy Hunting Everyone


My Metal Detecting Finds (19/02/2014)

playa rodiles

Yes … today¡¡ On February 19 I have found my second ring of gold 😀     18 kilates (better than the previous one).

Today I returned to Rodiles’s beach to continue looking in the west of the beach, the same zone that yesterday had found many coins…

IMG_0137I have found approximately 30 coins, few coins of Euro (they they all add 1 Euro) and enough coins of Peseta. In the photo you can see all of them.

Tomorrow I will try to prove the electrolysis to clean the coins and to clean several rings of silver. I believe that the electrolysis is one of the best options to clean objects … tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I tell you how I have done it.

In this one link you can see all the methods that I have put in in blog


Also you all can see the fisherman’s tools that I have found. The sound is very good, sounds to coin 😀

But the best of the day was to have found 3 rings, one of gold and two of silver. Also I found a part of an earring or hanger but it seems to be false.

I say goodbye of you with the photo of the rings. It has been a perfect day. HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE¡¡¡


The STORM in Asturias. TEMPORAL en Asturias. ANTES Y DESPUÉS.

Now I show you before and after several beaches in Asturias. And the storms will continue this week.

10despuesribadesella 9antesribadesella

Playa de Santa Marina
 La playa riosellana ha recibido numerosos troncos y restos que exigirán una limpieza. Las mareas también han dejado una abundante cantidad de rocas



7antesllanes 8despuesllanes

Playa de El Sablón
 La cantidad de arena se ha reducido de forma notable y numerosas rocas han quedado al descubierto. Las mareas también han dejado numerosos restos


6despuessalinas 5antessalinas

Playa de Salinas 
De nuevo, el arenal Castrillonense ha visto reducirse la arena. De nuevo se puede apreciar un talud. En las últimas semanas, las mareas también han depositado numerosos troncos y basura, lo que ha exigido su limpieza


4despuesponiente 3antesponiente

Playa de Poniente
El oleaje ha dejado un enorme talud que obligará a actuar sobre el arena


2despuessanlorenzo 1antessanlorenzo

Playa de San Lorenzo
El temporal ha dejado al descubierto un espectacular pedrero y ha
causado numerosos daños. La principal preocupación es la posibilidad de que el
muro pueda sufrir daños estructurales.