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My Metal Detecting Finds (06/03/2014)


Yes, it is necessary to seize the opportunity to go to beaches after the storm. Giant waves and very high tides do that it eliminates sand of the beaches. And it is good to hunt.

To the midday I have returned to the Isla Beach. And I was not wrong since in spite of only looking it was possible to see that there was less sand.


You can see in the photo all my searches.

More than 70 coins (Euros and pesetas). Also I found two tools of fishing, two jewels of silver and a big object that I still did not identify.

Tomorrow I will go to another beach because it is necessary to take advantage of the moment of shortage of sand.

Happy Hunting¡¡¡

My Metal Detecting Finds (04/03/2014)

Rodiles oeste

After the storm … I had thought to return to Rodiles’s beach. And I was not wrong because the storm damaged to the beach and did a slope in the zone west of the beach. IMG_0157

After coming … in the first hole that I did … it had passed not even 5 minutes of search. And the miracle took place … the first hole and golden ring. It was something incredible.

You can see the gold ring in the next photo. Next to the ring there is another jewel but I believe that it is a scrap.

In the beach also I found more or less 50 coins. Euros (3 Euros in total) and Pesetas (500 pesetas, 100 pesetas, 50 pesetas, 25 pesetas, 5 pesetas … great variety of pesetas).


You can see all my searches in the following photo. It has been one very good day after the storm



My Metal Detecting Finds (03/03/2014)


Before the arrival of the storm I wanted to return to the beach The Isla. Today a strong storm comes to the north of Spain with waves of 10 meters and strong squalls of wind.

Today I came to the beach at 9 a.m. and was detecting up to 12 of the morning, approximately three hours. And it was a very well taken advantage of search because I found more than 50 coins in 3 hours.

Approximately 4 Euros and the rest of coins of peseta (500 pesetas, 100 pesetas, 50 pesetas, 25 pesetas … many pesetas). Also I found a ring silver, it is old enough.

You can see in the photo everything that I found. Tomorrow if the weather allows it to me I will return to hunt, but still I do not have decided where.

Happy Hunting Everyone


My Metal Detecting Finds (27/02/2014 – 28/02/2014)

Hello Hunters¡¡

I wanted to find another beach that might be similar in results to Rodiles’s Beach because this one already was recovering the lost sand and I was finding less things… And I tried in a beach placed to 40 minutes from my house: LA ISLA BEACH

PLAYA LA ISLAThe beach of La Isla (The Island) takes its name from an islet to the West of the beach to which it is joined at low tide via an isthmus – the islet is called El Peñón and it’s so big you cannot miss it. The eastern part of the beach is known as El Barrigón (the fat belly) and is sometimes considered a beach in itself, separate from La Isla. It’s a huge sandy beach, with lots of amenities and partially surrounded by a wooden promenade. It has showers, toilets, parking, lots of bars and restaurants nearby, lifeguard during high season and hostels. It’s an accessible beach for people with limited mobility and a good fishing and surfing spot.

And the beach that I chose was very good. I found few current coins (always it is good to drink coffees :))

general todos


But it was a perfect beach to find coins of peseta and also I found a coin  5 Cent of Alfonso XII and two interesting enough coins of 1944.monedas a destacar

The rest of coins more or less are normal enough.

The curious thing was the quantity of found coins… More than 100 coins at approximately 8 hours of search


As for jewels I found a ring of silver and a golden hanger, really in good condition both. You can see in the next photo

anillo y chapa

As I was saying to you two perfect days though it was raining very much also the coins were raining

Happy Hunting¡¡¡




My Metal Detecting Finds (26/02/2014)

Good evening from Spain…

Today I am going to join two days in one because they were not too good. Yesterday I went to Bañugues’s Beach and found the majority of the coins that you can see in the photo that I you put at the end of the post.

bañugues beachThis beach, which belongs to the Cape Peñas Protected Landscape Area, is very fashionable. It is located at the end of an eroded inlet, where the sand contrasts with long rocks

The beach was very dirty and was of black sand very similar to the coal, there was no good sign.

The photo that I put is not of today, it is of the summer. The accesses and the parking are very damaged


And today I have gone to another beach, a beach that belongs of most visited of Avilés, but also he is in a bad condition.

It is Aguilar Beach and is placed in Muros del Nalón.

playa el aguilar

In this beach of the central-west, more and more popular, and is noticeable, especially on weekends and holidays, the presence of a considerable number of visitors to the center of the region. Endowed with good tourist infrastructure, the sand is outstanding Aguilar Muros Nalon, a small part of it belongs to council Cudillero. The industry this is known as beach Campofrío. The medieval archaeological site of El Castiellu lies between the beach and the Xilo, separating them.


In this beach I found the rest of things, two bullets and tools of fishing. In following photos you can see all the Finds … I hope that  next time has more luck 😉

Happy Hunting Everyone¡¡¡¡




My Metal Detecting Finds (24/02/2014)

playa rodiles

I returned to the same beach that last week, Rodiles beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias. There are all types of services and facilities from showers to a team of lifeguards so that the beach is safe. Both sides of the beach are surrounded by woods and cliffs that provide lovely views. Without doubt the surfers paradise of Asturias. During the best part of the year you can see dozens of surfers doing all kinds of manoeuvres on the waves. Behind the beach there are sand dunes. The sand is fine and of excellent quality.

It is a big enough beach and that I want to hunt meticulously…I was hunting in the central zone and west of the beach. For third consecutive week .. I have found another ring of gold

But not only I have found the golden ring, also I have found other two rings of silver, four coins (pesetas and Euros) and fisherman’s tools

You can see all photos of the searches…

IMG_0145   IMG_0144   IMG_0147

My Metal Detecting Finds (19/02/2014)

playa rodiles

Yes … today¡¡ On February 19 I have found my second ring of gold 😀     18 kilates (better than the previous one).

Today I returned to Rodiles’s beach to continue looking in the west of the beach, the same zone that yesterday had found many coins…

IMG_0137I have found approximately 30 coins, few coins of Euro (they they all add 1 Euro) and enough coins of Peseta. In the photo you can see all of them.

Tomorrow I will try to prove the electrolysis to clean the coins and to clean several rings of silver. I believe that the electrolysis is one of the best options to clean objects … tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I tell you how I have done it.

In this one link you can see all the methods that I have put in in blog


Also you all can see the fisherman’s tools that I have found. The sound is very good, sounds to coin 😀

But the best of the day was to have found 3 rings, one of gold and two of silver. Also I found a part of an earring or hanger but it seems to be false.

I say goodbye of you with the photo of the rings. It has been a perfect day. HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE¡¡¡


My Metal Detecting Finds (18/02/2014)

playa rodiles

Today I wanted to be useful the morning … I wanted to go first to the parking and at the end of the morning to the beach (because the condition of the sea was perfect).

I returned to Rodiles’s beach, and at 9 a.m. I already was searching. As I said to you before, began first for the parking. The parking is not the one that is nearer to the beach (that one parking already I have gone in many occasions) … it is a parking that is more remote. More or less I found approximately 4 Euros and several pesetas (less than I was thinking). IMG_0134

Later I went to the west of the beach because another part of the beach already was looked by another hunter.

And it was a success because it was not stopping finding coins of Euros and overcoat Pesetas.

Approximately 75 coins:

Total euros= 12 euros (to pay petrol, coffee and menú :))

500 pesetas, 100pesetas(x2), 25 pesetas with hole (x10), 5 small pesetas (x12), 25 big pesetas, Germany coin, 5 big pesetas(x6), 10 small pesetas, 1 peseta(x2)….

Not only I found coins, also instruments of fishing and little rubbish. In the photos you can see my FINDS.

In total, today  has been a very good day. 😀IMG_0135

Tomorrow I will return to the beach and I expect to have the same luck of today

Happy Hunting Everyone

My Metal Detecting Finds (17/02/2014)

playa rodiles

Today in the morning I took the car and drove up to Rodiles’s beach. The day was perfect, sunny and with good temperature.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias. There are all types of services and facilities from showers to a team of lifeguards so that the beach is safe. Both sides of the beach are surrounded by woods and cliffs that provide lovely views. Without doubt the surfers paradise of Asturias. During the best part of the year you can see dozens of surfers doing all kinds of manoeuvres on the waves. Behind the beach there are sand dunes. The sand is fine and of excellent quality

When I came to the beach, another hunter was searching…So I looked for another place to hunt… merendero rodiles

Next to the beach  exists a lunchroom, I was searching during an hour but the problem was that there was too much rubbish 😦 , anyhow I found some currency of euro and pesetas.

I tried to discriminate and to calibrate the detector but the best option was to look for another place to search.

parking rodiles



Rodiles’s beach is one of the most famous in Asturias (north of Spain), and has several parkings.


I went to one of these parkings and in the photo you will be able to observe my finds.

It is not great, but to pay the petrol and the food … more that sufficient:D


Tomorrow I will return to the parking because there is a zone in which I never searched and I believe that it will be a very good zone

Happy Hunting Everyone



My Metal Detecting Finds (14/02/2014)

Playa_san pedro

On Friday morning I returned to the same site, I wanted to finish a zone of the parking that had never touched, and it has not gone badly… Approximately 25 coins, most of them were «pesetas»

The peseta was introduced in 1869 after Spain joined the Latin Monetary Union in 1868. The Spanish Law of June 26, 1864 decreed that in preparation for joining the Latin Monetary Union (set up in 1865), the peseta became a subdivision of the peso with 1 peso duro = 5 pesetas. The peseta replaced the escudo at a rate of 5 pesetas = 1 peso duro = 2 escudos.

The peseta was equal to 4.5 grams of silver, or 0.290322 grams of gold, the standard used by all the currencies of the Latin Monetary Union. From 1873, only the gold standard applied.

The political turbulence of the early twentieth century (especially during the years after the World War I) caused the monetary union to break up, although it was not until 1927 that it officially ended.

In 1959, Spain became part of the Bretton Woods System, pegging the peseta at a value of 60 pesetas = 1 U.S. dollar. In 1967, the peseta followed the devaluation of the British pound, maintaining the exchange rate of 168 pesetas = 1 pound and establishing a new rate of 70 pesetas = 1 U.S. dollar.

The peseta was replaced by the euro in 2002, following the establishment of the euro in 1999. The exchange rate was 1 euro = 166.386 pesetas.

That the coins were most of them pesetas it is normal … the parking before was used as camping and was a very famous beach in the 80s.

Nowadays it is a beach to which nearby neighbors come and also the users of San’s Pedro camping (I attach photo)camping san pedro

It is a camping with enough visitors, but only in summer since nowadays it is closed



In the photography you can see my FINDS … it is not sufficient to buy  a house next to the beach but it is sufficient to have a good morning with my detector 😉IMG_0128

Tomorrow morning I will go a zone very frequented nowadays … the most normal  is that I will find more Euros and a lot of rubbish 🙂

Happy Hunting Everyone