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My Metal Detecting Finds (18/03/2014)

playa barro panoramica

Hello hunters, today I have gone to the one that is, in my opinion, the nicest beach of Asturias, it is a beach a bit removed from my city but it is precious, normally I go to beaches that are to less than 45 minutes of my house but in this  occasion I was a bit beyond and this way to share with you one of the most beautiful landscapes of Asturias…. Barro Beach

The beach has received the Blue flag award. It is situated near the village of the same name and is one of the most popular and well used beaches along the Llaniscan coast. This is due to its high quality, its services and its accessibility. You can get there by car from Celorio, Niembro, Posada, or from Barro itself. playa de barro

The beach is in the shape of a shell, 300 metres long and at low tide you can see little islets linked to the coast. These help to give the beach both its sheltered nature and its calm waters. Bathing here is excellent and very safe. Despite the large number of people who use the beach, it still maintains its beauty and that of the surrounding countryside.Barro is classified as an urban beach as has almost every type of service: car parks, security service, a Red Cross post showers, telephones, waste bins, a beach clearing service a good range of hotels and campsites as well as restaurants and bars which are open during the high season.

If you have the occasion to visit Asturias, the beaches near Llanes, they are the best. Today I have come to the beach at 9 a.m. and I was hunting until 12 a.m., I wanted to be more time but the batteries that I bought myself, that were new, were not of quality, beginner’s failure.

I have found only  coins, and most of them pesetas less a two of them, If the batteries had not trumped me, I had found something more…But I do not complain 😉

You can see in the photo all coins that I found.

Happy hunting¡¡¡ and G.L¡¡