Archivos diarios: 14/03/2014

My Metal Detecting Finds (14/03/2014)

Today I wanted to try in a new beach because the condition of the beaches is not too ideal to search… Or they are full of stones or it has returned to accumulate sand.

And after analyzing several beaches, I took my detector and went to Verdicio’s beach

The sea forms steep rocky cliffs on the central coast of this Principado of Asturias. In this area of low littoral, the rocks work as perpendicular limits to the sea and not as a firm barrier to the waves. These are beaches open to the Cantabrian Sea that are dangerous for swimming in many occasions. This fact is probably its major merit: the natural landscape it offers to us, to enjoy the sea on its wildest condition. This one covers 330 meters, but the whole area verdiciocovers 90,000 square meters on low tide counting with daily vigilance during the summer and restaurants in its surroundings. This one also forms dunes as in La Carniciega. The quality of its water is excellent although swimming is still dangerous. On high tide waves break on the same shore. In good weather conditions sea forms left waves which are suitable for experienced surfers. For all this, this beach is probably one of the most known in this region.

And it has not been OK but at least it was better than yesterday, the day was sunny and I enjoyed much the landscape and the beach.

I attach photo of my searches. A greeting to all and good weekend. HAPPY HUNTING¡¡¡