My Metal Detecting Finds (17/02/2014)

playa rodiles

Today in the morning I took the car and drove up to Rodiles’s beach. The day was perfect, sunny and with good temperature.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias. There are all types of services and facilities from showers to a team of lifeguards so that the beach is safe. Both sides of the beach are surrounded by woods and cliffs that provide lovely views. Without doubt the surfers paradise of Asturias. During the best part of the year you can see dozens of surfers doing all kinds of manoeuvres on the waves. Behind the beach there are sand dunes. The sand is fine and of excellent quality

When I came to the beach, another hunter was searching…So I looked for another place to hunt… merendero rodiles

Next to the beach  exists a lunchroom, I was searching during an hour but the problem was that there was too much rubbish 😦 , anyhow I found some currency of euro and pesetas.

I tried to discriminate and to calibrate the detector but the best option was to look for another place to search.

parking rodiles



Rodiles’s beach is one of the most famous in Asturias (north of Spain), and has several parkings.


I went to one of these parkings and in the photo you will be able to observe my finds.

It is not great, but to pay the petrol and the food … more that sufficient:D


Tomorrow I will return to the parking because there is a zone in which I never searched and I believe that it will be a very good zone

Happy Hunting Everyone



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