My Metal Detecting Finds (14/02/2014)

Playa_san pedro

On Friday morning I returned to the same site, I wanted to finish a zone of the parking that had never touched, and it has not gone badly… Approximately 25 coins, most of them were «pesetas»

The peseta was introduced in 1869 after Spain joined the Latin Monetary Union in 1868. The Spanish Law of June 26, 1864 decreed that in preparation for joining the Latin Monetary Union (set up in 1865), the peseta became a subdivision of the peso with 1 peso duro = 5 pesetas. The peseta replaced the escudo at a rate of 5 pesetas = 1 peso duro = 2 escudos.

The peseta was equal to 4.5 grams of silver, or 0.290322 grams of gold, the standard used by all the currencies of the Latin Monetary Union. From 1873, only the gold standard applied.

The political turbulence of the early twentieth century (especially during the years after the World War I) caused the monetary union to break up, although it was not until 1927 that it officially ended.

In 1959, Spain became part of the Bretton Woods System, pegging the peseta at a value of 60 pesetas = 1 U.S. dollar. In 1967, the peseta followed the devaluation of the British pound, maintaining the exchange rate of 168 pesetas = 1 pound and establishing a new rate of 70 pesetas = 1 U.S. dollar.

The peseta was replaced by the euro in 2002, following the establishment of the euro in 1999. The exchange rate was 1 euro = 166.386 pesetas.

That the coins were most of them pesetas it is normal … the parking before was used as camping and was a very famous beach in the 80s.

Nowadays it is a beach to which nearby neighbors come and also the users of San’s Pedro camping (I attach photo)camping san pedro

It is a camping with enough visitors, but only in summer since nowadays it is closed



In the photography you can see my FINDS … it is not sufficient to buy  a house next to the beach but it is sufficient to have a good morning with my detector 😉IMG_0128

Tomorrow morning I will go a zone very frequented nowadays … the most normal  is that I will find more Euros and a lot of rubbish 🙂

Happy Hunting Everyone


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